Sunday, January 12, 2014

Perfect, nearly!

Did you catch a glimpse,
Of the damsel in pink?
It’s a special day,
You’ll be swept away!
No, I mean it, really!
She's so perfect, nearly!
How does she look?
Like heaven (if I may)
And how does she walk?
Like floating away.
Does she wear a hat?
Like I care about that!
She got a (nose) pin?
No, has that flawless skin!
You know- she speaks
like a pleasant breeze
And when she sways,
you forget the day
So, pursue her, should I?
Yes, if you're done with your life!
Why, does she kill?
Without arms, no frills!
So did you wish her?
Like I can be deterred!
Did she give you a smile?
I think so, she looked sublime!
I wished her that world
(Where) she can fly and unfurl
That Sky and that Sea
I wish could be Me
No, I mean it, really!
'Cause she's so perfect, nearly!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Answer

The Pain, you ask?
No, it doesn't hurt.

I don't see you-

Your peaceful curls
Your calm eyes
The blushing cheeks
The shy smiles

I don't miss it-

You calling me names
Our excuses to meet
The quiet laughs
in That foggy street

I don't dream on-

Two laughters
Two books and a tree
No words
One You-and-Me

The Pain, you ask?
Never mind! (if you can't see.)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Midnight Bloom

It's the midnight bloom
... or so it seems
The World, its Quiet,
and all the Screams,
the Questions, the Answers,
the Mid-way Greens,
such 'tempting' Lies
Everything .... So Unreal!

Oh It's the midnight bloom
I can see the Joy
my arms wide open
as They wonder Why
the Riches, the Rags
the Tears, the Tags
Colours all around
Yet I am so Shy!

It's the midnight bloom
the Mystery concealed
the blend of Confusions
... the Starry Beeds
This world is so Cheerful..
so easy to Laugh, to Breathe
but the End begins soon
As i Don't pay heed

'Cause it's the midnight bloom
..or ... maybe... so it seems!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rains and I

And when it rains so hard... I laugh and I cry
for life is more Life, with You close by
Rains and Tears... so true so pure
Love- one's outcome, Love- one's Cure
It doth kill me sometimes... why you lay low
But then I see God, and I know Why
I sit here drenched... the clouds with me
We share our tales, and why we weep
But what you Reap is not what you Sow
For once in love, One shall (must) die
Do I miss you?... I sure do not
for Love is this Rain, no kiss or a knot
Then I look at the they begin to dry
Nothing lasts forever, no joy no Plight

Monday, February 14, 2011

Direction --> Down

There's Love over me
but I walk away
The day of Love
but I walk away

I say it clean
I feel it pure
But I Want things
And I walk away

Love is selfless
Divine and Sublime
But I Crap it all
And I walk away

You know the pain
when you face the words
The Strong stay
But I walk away

Been there through all
the Denial and your call
Got hold of my heart
but I walk away

Though I want to be near
can't fight the Fear
You love but you Dont
So I walk away

The pain to the call
yet again as I fall
I lose and you win, just
'cause i walk away

You still are The One
My joy and my World
From far, there'll be love. I cry
As I walk away

There's Love over me
but I walk away
The day of Love
but I walk away.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Alone i float
In the dwindling skies

To From nowhere
Just me and the sighs

I see people
with hopes in their eyes

But then there's Flash
and Another bird dies

As alone as a Mob
unheard Pain and Outcry

Alone I float
In the dwindling skies.

Monday, July 26, 2010


So... I saw you tonight
the very same

you and a veil
the same play

And... I saw you tonight
going with the wind

blowing away
glancing and chirping

When I saw you tonight
got so ignored

you and I spoke
but different stakes

I saw you tonight
I am the guilty

but I didnt stay
I wasnt carried away

I saw you tonight
wish you see me

I do still wait
and just hope away!